Thursday, 26 July 2012

Meet the Team: Remolay

Hi, I'm Remolay, and I'm the American guy. I do Non-minecraft Let's Plays on Youtube as, of course, Remolay. I'm that one guy who never got out of Power Rangers, so expect references. I also got into the japanese source, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider. Expect references you won't get. Never expect me to have the same skin between videos, but you can expect them to be Power Rangers related.

My texture pack of choice is Chrono Trigger 1000 AD.

Me in human form, but for how long?
 I have no pony form.

Team: QuestWorld Shipwrecked

 Playlist here.

After a long wait, it's finally happened, AN UPDATE! Anyway, due to not really planning this at all, we managed to record just over 3 hours of footage. Don't worry though, I split it into four parts so it's not one monstrously long video. Also, this 4 part video introduces Remolay into the team.