Friday, 30 March 2012

Let Us Play Minecraft! Episode 1

Watch here.

In this episode we start in a NPC village, get overwhelmed on the first night and respawn nowhere near where we started.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Solo: The Labyrinth 2

Watch here.

In this video I die a few times, get help from Creepers and get lost.

Remember, if you know any good maps we can use just tell us in the comments.

The Labyrinth 2 by HELLYERRR:

Texture Pack: Sphax PureBDCraft

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Watch here.

In this video I read notes, battle Creepers and follow the Broken Brick Road™!

That's right! Yet another delay video. On the plus side it's better than nothing right? Anyway, once Creepman gets a new Motherboard and power pack for his computer things should be fine.

AMICABLE YOU! by aniket200929: